3 Travel Destinations of Bangladesh Where Every Backpacker Should Visit

3 Travel Destinations of Bangladesh Where Every Backpacker Should Visit

Bangladesh is a beautiful country with lots of travel destinations. This country has both hills & sea. Besides, there are lots of rivers, different types of people & cultures and a long history of liberation war. The official language of the country is Bengali, but a handsome number of people understand English too. The people are very cordial & all this factors has made the country favorite among the backpackers around the world. Today I am going to mention about 3 travel fabulous destinations of this country where every traveler should visit at least once a life.

1 # Saint Martin’s Island

This coral island is the edge of Bangladesh surrounded by blue water & beauty. The island is totally remote from the mainland of the country & sea is the only connector between the main land and Saint Martin’s Island. There is no electricity & motor vehicles in this island & after 11pm the total island goes to an electrical blackout which makes travelers totally fall into the nature.

Top Attractions for Tourists:

  • The silence of the beach
  • Local food & sea fishes
  • Beach Cycling
  • Visiting Chhera Dwip
  • Watch the sky of night
  • Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

1 night is enough to explore this island, but try to spend at least 2 nights to take the total experiences of Saint Martin Island. You can also visit cox’s bazar which is a near to the island & the largest beach of Bangladesh is located in cox’s bazar.

2 # Sajek Valley

This is one of the highest peaks of Bangladesh & the height is almost 2000 feet from the sea level. The place is also called the ‘Roof of Rangamati District’ and the valley is called the ‘Queen of Hills’. The valley is situated 8km east from the Indian border & the river Sajek is flowing as a border of this two countries. Sajek Valley is named after this river. There are several types of tribes are living happily in this valley. Women are more powerful than men here & almost every cottage, resort & restaurants are run by women. The local people are very hard working.

Top Attractions for Tourists:

  • The sunset from helipad.
  • The foggy night of the valley.
  • The clouds under your feet.
  • The morning & sunset of the valley.
  • Visiting Konglak Para.
  • Meeting local folks & exploring their lifestyles.
  • Strolling on orange garden on the hill track.
  • Trekking to Pidam Toisha waterfall.

One night is enough for covering all the places & adventures. But if you want to spend more, you can do so. But the valley is little costly, so it’s better finishing the tour within short time. Thought if you want to spend long time its better go with your group, so that you can share your accommodation or try to deal with local people for good discounts.

3 # Rangamati

Rangamati is the largest district of Bangladesh which is totally connected by a man-made lake named Kaptai Lake. Kaptai Lake is the largest man-made lake of South East Asia. This district is totally surrounded by hills & that’s why communication among the different parts of this city via Kaptai Lake is easier than from steep trails.

Top Tourist Attractions

  • Sailing on Kaptai Lake.
  • Visiting Statue of Buddha.
  • Hiking on Buddha Pagoda.
  • Trekking to Shuvolong Water Fall.
  • Taking lunch on floating restaurant.
  • Visiting hanging bridge & tourist motels.

This is a big district & if you want to explore the whole district you’ve to spend at least 7 days. But my suggestion will be counting at least 3 days for the district. The first day is for sailing whole Kaptai Lake, the next is for exploring the city life & in your final day do shopping, visit cantonment & strolling around the city.

Conclusion: So, if you love traveling and want to explore south Asia then don’t miss visiting Bangladesh. If you are looking for more information about traveling Bangladesh you can contact here for more information. You can also know more about the cultures, foods & destinations from the official YouTube channel of Travel Cracker. Thanks for reading. Happy Traveling.

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