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Traveldooz is a unique travel engine aggregator, providing instant online price comparisons for flights and hotels worldwide.

Traveldooz covers 220 countries have integrated 730 airlines and more than 1.000 travel agents, can display in real time prices for 120.000 destinations worldwide and aggregates around 642.000 travel offers every 24 hours.

Traveldooz flexible search options mean you can browse prices across a whole month, or even a year, allowing you to get the best deals. You always book direct with the airline or travel agent, so you get the lowest price, with no extra fees added.


The Story Behind Traveldooz

Since 2012 a team of young international enterpreneurs are working on the project.

Mainly the idea to build traveldooz belongs to a Greek enterpreneur, thought as said is an international project involves people around the world.

The team have finally come close on mid of 2014 and since then planning goes on action.

Is Traveldooz a Company?

Traveldooz isn’t a company. That’s why on our contact page there isn’t a phone number or office address.

Traveldooz doesn’t accept bookings on it’s website or any other kind of payment from users interaction within it’s website.

Traveldooz doesn’t add any fees to any kind of booking it’s suggest.

Traveldooz is free to use and will always remain free.

Traveldooz is just a cool travel aggregator with unique features, in few words is just a website displaying travel prices from world’s most reputable travel sites filtered by an advanced filter in order to provide real value to travelers, which means to help them find discounted airfares and hotel prices worldwide.